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East Davis Route

route code: E

This began as the New Pavement Route, intended as a temporary tour of streets that were repaved in the summer of 1999.

  1. from Central park at 4th and C Sts., head north on B St.
  2. left on 7th St. (circumventing B St. stoplight)
  3. second right on T-intersection with Miller Drive
  4. left on 8th St. and continue west through two stoplights
  5. right at 4-way intersection with Sycamore Lane
  6. look for West Davis Elementary School on the left for 1st rest stop--drinking fountain available, but rest rooms are closed after hours
  7. continue north briefly on Sycamore Lane, then turn right on Villanova Drive for a long, smooth sprint interrupted by a stop light and a couple of stop signs
  8. Villanova becomes 14th Street and ends at a T-intersection with F Street
  9. Two options for crossing the railroad to J Street:
    1. Overpass--turn left on F St., right onto the overpass, and right again on the other side onto J St.
    2. Underpass--turn right on F St., then immediately left into a parking lot and exit onto H St. on the other side of the lot; turn left on H St. and head north to find the underpass; where the bike path ends on the other side, turn right on J St.
  10. left on Drexel Drive
  11. right on L St.
  12. 2nd left on Alice St.
  13. 2nd rest stop at Chestnut Park--restrooms and drinking fountain available
  14. from restroom area, proceed south on bike path to Craig Place cul-de-sac
  15. left on Haussler Drive, which becomes Snyder Drive when it turns north
  16. just before the street turns west, turn right onto short bike path to stoplight on Pole Line Road
  17. cross intersection to Loyola Drive and take first right onto Regis Drive
  18. follow Regis Drive until it circles back to Loyola Drive
  19. turn right on Loyola, then take first left onto Tulip Lane
  20. right on Temple Drive past Slide Hill Park
  21. left on Monarch Lane at T-intersection, then immediate right into Campbell Place cul-de-sac
  22. enter bike path and turn left, then follow the bike path as it heads eastward parallel to East Covell Boulevard
  23. after crossing Alhambra Drive at a stoplight, the path eventually turns right and heads south
  24. when a sign on the left points to the right to Ascada Place, turn right and head west to cross a street to reach La Playa Park for 2nd rest stop--rest rooms and drinking fountain available
  25. return to bike path and continue south
  26. left at T-intersection to emerge on Atlantis
  27. head south through intersection across Alhambra to Caricia
  28. continue south through two intersections and turn left onto bike path
  29. slow down to cross a street and continue on bike path
  30. bike path curves back to head west--can be slippery when dusty
  31. bike path ends at Spafford and 5th Sts.
  32. take 5th St. west to 2nd stoplight by the post office and the Pole Line overpass
  33. cross to other side of 5th St. to continue west on bike path
  34. bike path turns left at next stoplight
  35. when bike path ends, continue south on L St.
  36. turn right on 4th St. to head west back to Central Park

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