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North and West Davis Route

route code: NW

Our oldest route, most of it uses bike paths.

  1. from Central Park at 4th and C Sts., head north on B St.
  2. left on 7th St. (circumventing B St. stoplight)
  3. second right at T-intersection with Miller Drive
  4. left on 8th St.
  5. next right on Eureka Ave.
  6. right on West 14th St.
  7. left into parking lot by Veteran's Memorial Center
  8. enter bike path at Northeast corner of parking lot
  9. head north on bike path with overpass, crossing Grande Ave. to reach Northstar Park
  10. Northstar Park is the 1st rest stop--has restrooms and a drinking fountain
  11. proceed northeast of the restrooms to cross Anderson Road and head north on Sandpiper Drive
  12. when Sandpiper turns west, head north on bike path
  13. follow long stretch of bike path until you see a basketball court on the left
  14. past the basketball court, take the first right into the Elkhorn Place cul-de-sac
  15. right on Quail St.
  16. left on Sycamore Lane and proceed south to stoplight
  17. right on bike path and proceed west through two stoplights, then stop
  18. take crosswalk south to bike path on the other side of the street
  19. turn right to head west several yards, then left on long winding bike path to underpass
  20. after underpass, take right fork
  21. bear left to 2nd rest stop with drinking fountain and Porta-Potties
  22. proceed west a few yards and take right fork into another underpass
  23. head north on winding bike path to a bench on the left
  24. turn left on bike path to Isle Royale Lane and through intersection with Denali Drive
  25. as Isle Royale curves left, turn right onto bike path, then turn left to head south along West Area Drainage Pond
  26. after bike path turns right to follow Arlington Boulevard, get off bike path and onto Arlington
  27. head west on Arlington, crossing Lake Boulevard at the four-way stop to Marina Circle
  28. Marina Circle eventually cirles back to another four-way stop with Lake Boulevard
  29. turn right on Lake Boulevard and head south across Russell Boulevard to bike path
  30. turn left to head east and take second right turn to head south to bridge over highway 113
  31. continue east to a parking lot on the right
  32. 3rd rest stop--drinking fountain available south of parking lot next to hockey rink
  33. go to stoplight east of parking lot to cross Anderson Road and head toward another parking lot
  34. follow bike path along west edge of parking lot and take the first left on south edge of parking lot
  35. head east through two traffic circles (rough pavement between the traffic circles)
  36. continue east through more rough pavement by the Memorial Union, past edge of campus onto 3rd Street
  37. cross B St. at the stoplight to reach Central Park

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