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South Davis Route

route code: S

A tour of South Davis bike paths and a road around a golf course. Restrooms are scarce.

  1. from Central Park at 4th anc C Sts., head south on C St. to Aggie Village Neighborhood
  2. turn left on Aggie Lane and then turn right immediately to head south to the bike path
  3. follow the bike path under the railroad, then under I-80 to emerge on the street
  4. follow Research Park east
  5. turn right on da Vinci Court to head south to another bike path
  6. follow the winding bike path eastward (with a stop at the first fountain), turning right when the path forks
  7. when the path ends on a road, head north through a 4-way stop
  8. turn right at a Y-intersection onto Drummond South
  9. watch closely for a right turn onto a bike path heading east
  10. follow the bike path east for about a mile and stop at a drinking fountain and bench on the right
  11. continue on and look for a right turn to head south over a wooden bridge
  12. when bike path ends, turn left to go east to find another bike path
  13. bike path turns south to Cotton Wood Court
  14. turn left at the intersection with Redbud Drive
  15. when Redbud Drive ends, turn right and head south on Mace Boulevard
  16. turn left onto South El Macero and head east
  17. head north as South El Macero Drive becomes East El Macero Drive
  18. head west as East El Macero Drive becomes North El Macero Drive
  19. cross Mace Boulevard at the 4-way stop and continue westward on El Macero Drive to Hoopa Place
  20. get on the bike path, then turn right to head north to the basketball court where there is a drinking fountain
  21. check the bike tunnel east of the playground for irrigation flooding
  22. if the tunnel is dry, take the bike path through the tunnel westward or else turn right before the tunnel to take Koso St. instead; both will head west and converge to head northward to a T-intersection with Cowell Boulevard
  23. left on Cowell Boulevard
  24. left at 4-way stop onto Drummond Ave.
  25. at next 4-way stop, take crosswalk to cross Lillard Ave. and continue south on bike path
  26. after bike path veers right, turn left to take the underpass westward
  27. at the T-intersection, turn left and continue south to a water fountain on the right.
  28. continue on the winding bike path south to a T-intersection
  29. turn right to double back to da Vinci Court and return to Central Park

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