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This big gaudy heading will scroll in Internet Explorer and will blink in Netscape

Hi Dave, I just wanted to show you that I can use fancier techniques than I demonstrated at and Although I believe in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and consider many websites to be excessively gimmicky, I can appreciate the need to use fancier techniques for to impress clients and for's clients to impress their customers.

A prime example of the low-tech style that I think non-commercial website designers should emulate is Kathie Frye's personal site, which is deliberately simpler, faster, and more reliable than the commercial site she maintains at

I think is a well-designed commercial website looks very classy but still loads quickly and accommodates most browsers. What I don't like are websites like, which contain fancy visuals which are entertaining the first two or three times I visit but require time and exta mouse clicks to navigate and interferes with the use of the "Back" button.

I like the mouseover effect that changes the color of a link when the mouse pointer hovers over it (e.g., Get Rolling), but older browsers will not support it.
A mouseover color change can also be used with buttons:

Here's an amusing (or annoying) use of buttons. It requires Internet Explorer 4 or 5 to work properly.

Dave has decided to:

Although I've only developed two websites so far, I'm in the habit of collecting code fragments and URLs where I can find tools and instruction for website development.