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Wildhorse Route

route code: WH

Runs through the new Wildhorse residential development and part of East Davis. Occasional problems with debris and wet streets due to ongoing construction in Wildhorse.

  1. from Central Park at 4th and C Streets, head east on 4th Street
  2. left on J Street, heading north
  3. take 2nd right past 8th Street onto Alice Street, heading east to T-intersection with Chestnut Lane
  4. 1st rest stop at Chestnut Park--restrooms and drinking fountain available
  5. from restroom area, proceed south on bike path to Craig Place cul-de-sac
  6. left on Haussler Drive, which becomes Snyder Drive when it turns north
  7. just before the street turns west, turn right onto short bike path to stoplight on Pole Line Road
  8. cross intersection to Loyola Drive and take first left, heading north on Whittier Drive
  9. Whittier curves right to the east and eventually becomes Manzanita Lane going north
  10. cross East Covell Boulevard to the bike path entrance slightly to the right on the other side and turn left
  11. take the first right heading north and stay on the light-colored main path as it turns westward and then northward parallel to Pole Line Road
  12. when bike path ends, turn right on Moore Road
  13. turn left at traffic circle on Rockwell Drive and continue past stop sign
  14. turn right on Duchamp St.
  15. turn left to playground and water fountain for 2nd rest stop
  16. continue down Duchamp and turn right at T-intersection with Caravaggio Drive, which eventually turns south
  17. when Caravaggio ends and turns west into Bearden St., keep going south into the bike path
  18. left at T-intersection
  19. right across Covell Blvd., then immediate left onto bike path heading east
  20. right turn heading south on bike path through greenbelt
  21. continue south through underpass, then turn right
  22. when bike path ends, turn right on Ponteverde Lane
  23. left on Tulip Lane, heading south
  24. Tulip turns into 8th St. as it turns right
  25. left on Mesquite Dr.
  26. continue south onto bike path
  27. right at intersection, heading west parallel to 5th St. to stoplight
  28. cross to other side of 5th St. to continue west on bike path
  29. bike path turns left at next stoplight
  30. when bike path ends, continue south on L St.
  31. turn right on 4th St. to head west back to Central Park

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